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By admin

A Successful Second Season of SOS: How to Survive

On 12, Sep 2018 | In Work | By admin

Eclipse Creative is celebrating a successful season of SOS: How to Survive on The Weather Channel. SOS presents gripping true stories of people who suddenly find themselves in a life and death battle with the elements.

SOS: How to Survive with Creek Stewart

If a person is in a life-or-death battle with the elements, his or her knowledge of what to do in the situation can be the difference between walking away from it alive or not. Survivalist Creek Stewart and his team want to help people learn what to do in perilous scenarios with this show that teaches innovative skills to help people survive when they’re in trouble. Stewart recaps real-life survival situations and gives his opinion on what the people involved did right and wrong as they fought for their lives. Among his tips are how to repurpose everyday objects to help with survival, such as using a camera lens to start a fire.

Check out some of Creek’s survival skills here.