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In Work

By admin

Eclipse Edits New Swampy Series

On 21, Jun 2013 | In Work | By admin

We edited a spine-chilling new series for Investigation Discovery!!

From the swampy bayou of Louisiana to the Great Lake o’ the Cherokees in Oklahoma and even rivers and lakes in Georgia, Texas, and Florida, you never know what you’ll find below the muddied waters! Bodies thrown over bridges, tied to chairs and floating face down are just a few of the gruesome discoveries. But who would do such a thing? And more importantly, why would they do it? The secrets and mysteries of the mucky murders are revealed in Swamp Murders!

Catch all 6 episodes on Investigation Discovery!!!!

Editors on this series include: Jesenko Fazlagic, Jay Hunt, Lee Davidson, Will Eccleston

Audio: Juan Baez