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By admin

“Hidden City” Premieres!

On 01, Dec 2011 | In Work | By admin

Partnering with Crazy Legs Productions, Eclipse Post helps launch the new, original hour-long series, “Hidden City,” premiering on Tuesday, December 6 at 10pm on theĀ Travel Channel!

Host/acclaimed novelist, Marcus Sakey, travels the county, city to city, to dig up the less-than-pristine history and reveal the untold story behind each locale, serving as a personal guide to each city’s unique past. Sakey does whatever it takes to define the city, characters, plot and get the story; from scaling down a 8 story building, having a dose of pepper spray in his eyes, interviewing a porn star to handling a brain during an autopsy.

Creator, Director & Executive Producer, Tom Cappello and the whole Crazy Legs Productions team, collaborated with Eclipse for completion of the 12-episode series. Eclipse handled all the post production work, including off-line and on-line editorial, audio, and post management. The Eclipse team turned around 12 episodes & 24 webisodes in 6 months. The creative team consisted of off-line editors: Jesenko, Nancy, Scott Wiley, Azita, Will Eccleston, Greg Ward and were assisted by Alex Foege. On-line editors included Nancy, Jay, Lee and Jesenko. Audio work was completed by Juan Baez and Dan Schaefer and post management included both (the amazing) AnChi and Jennifer.

The series airs every Tuesday for 12 weeks covering cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, NY, San Francisco, DC & many more!

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