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In Fun

By admin

The 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off was awesome!

On 20, Nov 2012 | In Fun | By admin

This years Chili Cook-off was a huge success!! 11 pots of delicious chili were entered and 1 was crowned the winner…

The Eclipse kitchen bar was lined with crock pots full of amazing chili! From spicy to meaty to chunky, there was a chili for everyone!

Everybody tasted all of chilis! Some even came with special condiments and sides (like bacon cheddar cornbread!). There were so many pots of delicious chili – bourbon chili, beef chili, veggie chili, chili with alligator meat! – it was really hard to pick 1 favorite! But in the end…

Dan was crowned the winner!! Dan made a “Texas Style 5-meat (Beef, Pork, Turkey, Bison and Lamb) Brisket Chili” that people loved!! Congratulations Dan!!