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By admin

Homegrown Season 4 Premiere

On 01, Apr 2024 | In Work | By admin

“Homegrown” Season 4’s transformations are more epic than ever!
Eclipse Creative’s original series is back… harvesting Jurassic-sized kale leaves, growing unlimited salads with no soil, building an alpaca farm, and extracting honey straight from the hive!

Season 4 of popular backyard makeover series “Homegrown” premieres April 6th on Max, Magnolia Network, and Discovery+ with bigger harvests, fluffier alpacas, and overflowing golden honey. All new episodes teach viewers innovative strategies for converting urban backyards into flourishing gardens and introduce even more adorable farm animals sure to capture the hearts of viewers. Beyond practical tips, every episode of “Homegrown” is anchored in connection: to the source of your food, family, and community. This season celebrates core virtues exemplified through backyard farming, including “Preserve”, “Go Green”, and “Engage”. Audiences have embraced prior seasons, feeling inspired to cultivate their own gardens and obtaining a deeper appreciation of what is truly farm-to-table.

Watch “Homegrown” exclusively on Max, Magnolia Network, and Discovery+ to see Eclipse Creative’s work as show creator, writer, producer, production, and post team. Executive Produced and Directed by Jennifer Mador, alongside Showrunner Nicole Chiulli.